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Web Marketing & Development (WebMD)

WebMD Limited is a professional web design and development agency specializing in the Greater China market. In 2015, WebMD was retained by a group of entrepreneurial Beijing lawyers to develop an online knowledgebase and professional network for the Chinese legal community, and WebJD was born.

With a focus on intuitive user interaction, WebMD builds custom software to help you discover efficiencies and reach new markets. WebJD and other clients have all benefited from WebMD’s expertise in custom development and project stewardship.

WebMD is a full-service web agency, here for every phase of your project, including:

Domain registration

Managed Web Hosting

Web Development

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Network and Database Administration

Mobile Application Development

Digital Marketing

Chatbot Development

Web Managed Diet (WebMD)

In addition to its Greater China medical portal, WebMD has organized diet and nutrition educational programs throughout mainland China to address the country’s growing obesity issues.  In addition to live events, WebMD has developed mobile apps that allow people to keep up with diet and nutrition on the go.

Get the WebMD App...

This community-based app helps health-conscious food lovers stay up to date on food trends, recalls, better dietary practices, and events in the area. Also in development is the WebMD Diet Tracker app, which will allow users to track macronutrients (protein, carbs, fat) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals) in their diets. In addition to keeping track of users’ nutrient intake and daily calorie count, the app will even suggest healthier alternatives for the junkier foods that users input.
HideYour guide to healthy eating in China.

Web Meals Delivered (WebMD)

In conjunction with its diet and nutrition initiatives, WebMD is promoting its Healthy Eats pilot program in select cities in China.  Starting in 2017 with pop-up restaurant events in major metropolitan areas, WebMD’s Healthy Eats program is dedicated to healthy and cruelty-free eating.

In 2018, WebMD made a strategic decision to forego its original plans to open full-service, WebMD-branded eateries, instead partnering with existing food service providers and leveraging the increasing popularity of Baidu Waimai to launch a WebMD Healthy Eats delivery service, scheduled to go live in 2019.  Through this program, WebMD customers will have full-time access to the Healthy Eats they have been enjoying at our Healthy Eats pop-up events.

About WebJD

Lead by former Microsoft Piracy Czar David Kay, we created WebJD as a means of promoting free access to the law, while at the same time better connecting qualified legal professionals with clients in need. For more information about WebJD China, please see the site’s Privacy Policy, Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.


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