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Advertising and media law


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    Sino-American entertainment deals falter in wake of new regulations

    As reported in the Hollywood Reporter, two major Sino-American entertainment deals recently collapsed (or threatened to do so) due to recent changes in Chinese law and policy. These failed deals included (i) a billion-dollar investment in American film studio Paramount Pictures by China’s Shanghai Film Group and Huahua Media; and (ii) a billion-dollar buyout of...
  2. WebJD

    Tesla changes Autopilot specification on China website after crash

    Electric car manufacturer Tesla has changed the Chinese term for “automatic driving” on its China website after a driver in Beijing crashed his Model S sedan last week while in “Autopilot” mode. References to the Chinese term “自动驾驶” (zìdòng jiàshǐ), which literally translates as automatic driving, were changed on the website for the Model S...
  3. WebJD

    Cyberspace administration regulations crack down on search engine advertising

    As reported by China Daily, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has issued new regulations requiring online search engines to (i) limit the number of paid-for search results returned to users, and (ii) clearly label such search results as paid-for advertising in order to avoid misleading users. The new regulations also urge search engine providers...
  4. WebJD

    China’s advertising market overtakes Japan’s in 2016

    According to recent report by media and market research firm Magna Global, China’s advertising market replaces Japan’s as the second largest in the world, trailing only that of the United States. In its GLOBAL ADVERTISING REVENUE FORECASTS, Magna Global forecasts the size of China’s advertising market to achieve $53 billion in 2016. China is also...

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