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David Kay

active 4 years, 4 months ago


David has been in Beijing for the past 25 years and was in Hong Kong for the three years immediately prior to that. During his 15 years as a corporate lawyer, David assisted over 250 companies in setting up businesses in China and managed issues from a wide range of industries: aviation, automotive, energy, consumer products, finance, pharmaceuticals, high technology, media and communications. From 2003 to 2005 David was Microsoft China’s General Counsel, heading up the Law and Corporate Affairs Group. In addition to managing all of Microsoft China’s commercial and IPR related work, he was also in charge of the company’s government relations as well as their corporate social responsibility efforts in China. In 2005, David took on a position Steve Ballmer created called the “Piracy Czar” (aka General Manager, Genuine Software Initiative). Since leaving Microsoft, David has run his own consulting company, operated an art gallery and set-up a business incubator where he’s worked with and invested in over 20 early-stage companies, including WebJD. David has also recently joined the Board of Directors of Ethereum, a blockchain decentralized platform for crypto-contracts and applications.

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