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Getting Started


This page is about how to sign up and participate in the WebJD community.

Sign up

1. Go to any page on WebJD, open the “REGISTER” tab (in the upper right corner of the frame) and click the “SIGN UP INSTANTLY” button.

2. Enter your username, email address and password.  Record your username and password in a safe location.



3. Enter your real name under Profile Details. WebJD requires members to submit their real names in order to increase transparency on the website, and foster more meaningful interactions within the WebJD community.

4. If you are a lawyer, mark the “I am a Lawyer” checkbox.

Otherwise, click “Complete Sign Up” and verify your email address to activate your account.

5. Lawyers should then select a primary Practice Area. Basic Lawyer Accounts are linked to one Practice Area, in which the account holder may publish blog posts and be listed in the Lawyer Directory.

After registering, a lawyer may purchase an upgrade to a Premium Lawyer Account, which can be linked to three Practice Areas.



6. Each lawyer who registers for a WebJD account must also provide his or her Bar Organization and Bar Number. This information is used for internal authentication purposes only.

7. Each lawyer who registers for a WebJD account must additionally provide his or her location. Currently WebJD is conducting open beta trials in China, and only lawyers in China are eligible to post blog content and be listed in the Lawyer Directory.

Lawyers outside of China (and non-lawyers) who register accounts on WebJD China may post comments and participate in the forums on the site. Such account holders will also be among the first notified when WebJD expands to their countries.

8. Confirm your email address to activate your account.

User Profile

1. Once you activate your account, you will be directed to your Profile page, where you can edit your Profile information and submit a Bio.

Note: you may always Edit your Profile later by clicking your name under My Profile in the My Account tab in the upper right-hand corner of every page, navigating to the Profile tab, and then selecting the Edit option from the sub-menu therein.

2. Your Base information includes a Profile URL field, in which you can customize the WebJD URL extension used for your Profile. Using some variation of your real name is the best way to attract traffic to your Profile.

3. Editing your Contact Information is optional. Information provided in the Contact Information Profile Group is only published in Premium Account profiles (not in Basic Account profiles).

Lawyer Directory

WebJD utilizes a proprietary gamification algorithm to rank lawyers in the Lawyer Directory. This algorithm measures each lawyer’s activity on the website, and rewards quality over quantity. For example, a lawyer publishing one blog post that receives many views and/or positive feedback can boost his or her ranking more than a lawyer publishing numerous blog posts that receive few views and/or negative feedback. A lawyer can also boost his or her ranking by inviting other lawyers to join WebJD through the Invite Contacts buttons on his or her Profile page.


1. Lawyers in China may publish blog posts by selecting the Blog tab on their Profile page, or by clicking “New Blog Post” in the My Account tab that is present in the upper right-hand corner of every page.


2. Every blog post should have a title and content. All blog posts must adhere to WebJD’s Community Guidelines.


3. Your blog posts will be published in the Practice Area (Category) you selected during registration. Lawyers with Premium Account Members will be able to select one of their three Practice Areas in which to publish blog posts.

4. Provide Tags describing the content of your blog posts in order to attract more viewers. Blog posts are already linked to a Practice Area, so the Practice Area name does not need to be included as a Tag.


WebJD provides forums in which lawyers and non-lawyers alike can interact. Forum posts must adhere to WebJD’s Community Guidelines.

About WebJD

Lead by former Microsoft Piracy Czar David Kay, we created WebJD as a means of promoting free access to the law, while at the same time better connecting qualified legal professionals with clients in need. For more information about WebJD China, please see the site’s Privacy Policy, Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.


Content on WebJD is provided for educational purposes only; and does not constitute specific legal advice or form any attorney-client relationship.
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