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    Sino-American entertainment deals falter in wake of new regulations

    As reported in the Hollywood Reporter, two major Sino-American entertainment deals recently collapsed (or threatened to do so) due to recent changes in Chinese law and policy. These failed deals included (i) a billion-dollar investment in American film studio Paramount Pictures by China’s Shanghai Film Group and Huahua Media; and...
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    Beijing launches new intellectual property mediation center

    As reported by the official China Daily news agency, a new legal center for mediating intellectual property (IP) disputes opened this week in Beijing. “The center, jointly operated by the China Law Society’s Chinese Law Counseling Center and the Intellectual Property Law Association, will seek to improve the country’s IP...
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    Supreme Court applies criminal law to environmental data fraud

    As reported by The Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China, falsifying environmental data to avoid pollution regulations is now a criminal offense. It is the first time that such actions will be punished as crimes. Previously, administrative penalties were usually meted out. Criminal offenses China’s top court...
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    Supreme People’s Court rules Qiaodan Sports must stop using Chinese 乔丹 (“Qiaodan”) trademark

    China’s Supreme People’s Court ruled this week that the Chinese company Qiaodan Sports must stop using the two Chinese characters 乔丹 (“Qiaodan”) in connection with its products. The characters 乔丹 represent the Chinese name for basketball legend Michael Jordan, who has been locked in a legal battle for years with...

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